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  • Hebi Huaxia Auxiliary Co., Ltd.Rubber vulcanizing accelerators,Pharmaceutical Chemical,PE products,Sodium Hydrosulfide
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    Thiazoles  details  
    MBT(M)   MBTS(DM)    ZMBT(MZ)  
    Sulphenamides  details  
    CBS(CZ)   TBBS(NS)  
    Dithiocarbamates  details  
    ZDMC(PZ)   ZBEC  
    Guanidines  details  
    DPG(D)   DOTG  
    Thiurams  details  
    TMTM   TETD   TiBTD   TBzTD  
    Thioureas  details  
    Antioxidangt  details  
    Sodium Hydrosulfide  details  
    Sodium Hydrosulfide  
    Antiscorching Agent  details  
        >> About us

    Hebi Huaxia Auxiliary Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of rubber chemicals in China. Set up in 1993 and located in middle of China, Hebi Huaxia Auxiliary Co., Ltd now occupies an area of 100,000.00 M2 and is the member of China Rubber Industry Association.

    With 16 modern production lines, our production capacity now stands at 10000mts per annum with total sales revenue of RMB 150 million. Our workforce is over 350 with many highly qualified technical personnel.

    Our factory is equipped with advanced and sophisticated production facilities, aided by a team of experienced and skilled technicians to ensure consistent quality products are delivered to our customers. Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art testing instruments to ensure all chemical parameters are checked thoroughly before passing for quality approval.

    The products are sold under the registered trademark of 揧UHONG? These rubber chemicals are necessary in the production of tyres, conveyor belts, wires and cables, inner tubes, rubber profiles, belt, hose, footwear and miscellaneous rubber latex products such as gloves, latex threads etc.

    Currently we produce and export the following grades of rubber accelerators  MBT(M, MBTS(DM), CBS(CZ), TBBS(NS), NOBS(MBS, MOR), DPG(D), DOTG, TMTM(TS), TMTD(TT), ZDEC(ZDC, EZ), ZDBC(BZ), ZDMC(PZ), ZMBT(MZ), Antioxidant TMQ(RD), Sodium Hydrosulfide and so on. Our accelerators are supplied in various physical forms, such as powder, granule and oil powder. We also can supply pharma chemical MAEM (AE-Ester) and PVC products.

    The management system of the company has been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Our products have obtained approval and excellent response from domestic and overseas customers. 換uality is our way of continuity in business, Credibility is our basis for development?

    We sincerely look forward to the cooperation with your esteemed company.

    Copyright(C)2008,Hebi Huaxia Auxiliary Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 
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